Take a Virtual Tour of Campus!

The Washington College GIS lab has been working on creating a 3D virtual tour of the Washington College campus.  The goal of this project is to allow prospective students to be able to get a feel for the campus even before they set foot in Chestertown.  Viewers will be able to “walk around” fully textured 3D models of each residence hall, with functioning interactive components, such as doors that can be opened and closed and working elevators in buildings that have them.

The “pilot” for this project was a 3D virtual tour of our very own GIS lab, which can be accessed on the main page of our site here. Just recently our 3D team completed the first of the residence halls, which is now online for everyone to view.  Chester Hall is one of the newest resident halls on campus and is located on the north end of campus.  The interactive tour is available on the Washington College GIS website, or by clicking here.

In order to take the virtual tour Unity Web Player must be installed on your computer.  You can download this program here.