What is ShorePower?

shorepowerThe Center for Environment & Society at Washington College has recently launched the ShorePower project. The goal of this initiative is to decrease municipality energy use on the Eastern Shore, with no additional cost to participating towns. The intended plan is to provide assistance to a total of eight towns, and develop plans for sustainable energy use in the future. Currently four towns are on board: Easton, Snow Hill, Cambridge, and Salisbury. Two student interns, Allison Speight and Tori Alpaugh have been hard at work the past few weeks collecting data for this project.



Allison Speight, ’14

Allison shared that, ‘We target areas, industries, or specific buildings that are very inefficient in their energy use, eventually looking into ways to reduce their energy consumption and ultimately saving money.” Allison and Tori expressed that since they have recently joined the initiative, data collection has been their primary focus. Tori has been working primarily with energy bills since January 2011, creating a baseline kilowatt-hour usage for these establishments. In addition, this project is analyzing the fuel efficiency and consumption of all town-owned vehicles, which has been Allison’s focus. “It’s a lot to sort through,” Tori stated, “But it’s all worth it. Energy consumption has become a large problem, and I think it’s great that ShorePower is here to help reduce these costs to the towns and the environment.” As it turns out, CES has drastically reduced Chestertown’s energy expenditures. Since 2008, more than 10% of energy use has been cut resulting in saving nearly $150,000 annually.

Tori Alpaugh, '16

Tori Alpaugh, ’16




Not sure how this project impacts you? Visit www.shorepowerproject.com or “like” the ShorePower Project Facebook page to find out more!