Out of the Lab: Habitat Retreat

Every spring break, the Habitat for Humanity Club at Washington College takes students on an incredible ride to complete community service projects. Specifically, they embark on a journey to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness; this year 32 students traveled over 800 miles to Columbus, Georgia.

WAC Habitat Students

WAC Habitat Students

Some of these students proudly represented the GIS staff, including Erika Koontz and Thomas Fish. “Over 90 people come together. There were students from University of Pittsburgh, Western Kentucky University, as well as Emory and Henry.” Erika shared. “Together we built four homes from concrete slabs to shingles over 40 hours in five days.” She expressed her interest came from her desire to incorporate more volunteering over her college experience, and hopes to graduate with 200+ hours under her belt. When asked if she would participate in the future, she excitedly responded “Yes of course, yes! If you’re looking for a life changing experience… this is it.”

Erika Koontz ('17) flexes her muscles for the camera!

Erika Koontz (’17) flexes her muscles for the camera!

Thomas is a seasoned Habitat worker. His first trip was last summer, when he received an email about one of their trips and took the last spot in the van. “I’ve been hooked ever since” Thomas stated. His favorite part of the trip was being able to see houses created from scratch. “This was one of the best experiences of my college career,” Thomas started. “I gained a broader sense of what is going on in the United States and the issues facing a large portion of the population.”


To learn more about Habitat at WAC, click here.

Thomas Fish ('15) assisting in the roof progress.

Thomas Fish (’15) assisting in the roof progress.