Chesapeake Summer Program: Discoveries Underwater

Side Scan Sonar

Side Scan Sonar

The Chesapeake Summer Program begins by taking enrolled students to the Chester River and immersing them in marine science technology with the Discoveries Underwater  program (June 15 -20). Dr. Doug Levin, Deputy Director of the Center for Environment & Society (CES), played a large role in the development of this program. When asked about the inspiration behind the program, Dr. Levin responded with what the College does: provide graduate level education to undergraduates. “So why can’t we deliver this at the high school level? There’s no age barrier here” Levin added.

This program will keep students occupied; the week will consist of 8-hour work days Monday through Friday. Students will experience building buoys and underwater robots. They have an opportunity to search for shipwrecks with sub bottom profilers, magnetometers, and side scan sonar (SSS) – all of which are technologies used in Marine Science fields. Discoveries Underwater clearly has extensive opportunities available for these lucky students – but what should they take away from this program? With this question in mind, Dr. Levin replied, “Learning doesn’t happen in books. We offer classrooms without walls. I want [students] flying away, not walking away, with the opportunities they have for what they want to be when they grow up.”

Douglas Levin, PhD.  Deputy Director, CES

Douglas Levin, PhD.
Deputy Director, CES

Students may continue the learning experience for week two with Geospatial Technologies and GIS (June 22-27). When asked why marine technology would be partnered with a GIS program, Dr. Levin replied, “All of the data collected will be made into maps of what is happening on the river and on land. It’s all about location. Everything we do ends up on a map, which is why GIS is a part of CES.”

Still wondering why you should participate? “Who wouldn’t be interested in finding a shipwreck or building an underwater robot?” Levin claimed.

You can find more information about the Chesapeake Summer Program by following this link. Stay tuned for more information from Stewart Bruce, Assistant Director, CES / GIS Program Coordinator.